Recommendations to get the best price in hotels, thus travel saving money


We agree that booking is one of the most important things to do in every trip. To travel to our favorite destinations we don’t have to spend too much money; Therefore, we share some tips for you to get the best price on hotels for your vacation.

Early Booking

At this time (before the trip) the key is anticipation. Whether you are looking to stay in a new year, a holiday bridge or during the week in low season, you can find the best price by booking your accommodation at least 3 months before your trip.



Another way to get the best price on hotels is by signing up for the hotel subscriber list. Also known as newsletter, it is information about promotions or discounts of the hotel that comes to your email. So you can see the offers before others and find the best price.

Emails usually arrive early enough so you can rate or consider whether to take advantage of offers; but do not delay too much since being deals precisely end soon.


Social Media

If you are a fan of social media, we recommend that you search and follow your favorite hotels on these platforms. Whether you go directly to the hotels feed or your advertising appears, social media are a faster way than Newsletter to find out about offers and get the best prices on accommodation.


Direct contact with your hotel

There are websites that help us find low prices in hotels. However, these search engines charge commission or service for the use of their website. This makes the price you see at the beginning rise and end up paying commissions (in addition to taxes). Same situation with travel agents or agencies; You can find offers with them, but the price usually goes up a lot with commissions and taxes.

So we recommend that you look for the telephone number and website of your favorite hotel, and book with them to guarantee the best price on lodging. In this way, the only “extra” payment that would run on your own would be taxes.

Direct contact with the hotel is the best option for the famous last minute vacations. Avoid travel service providers at all costs. In this case of spontaneous vacations we recommend packing the essentials; That way you won’t have to pay extra baggage costs.


As you can see the best price in hotels you will find it knowing where and when to book. We hope these tips help you find the best price at your favorite hotel.

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