Book your vacation, hotel and plane, Together or separately?

Hotel and plane for Puerto Vallarta. Find out if it is better to get these services together or separately; so you can determine the best price for your next vacation.

To have an incredible vacation it is important to establish expenses. Have a portion of your money set aside for the most important expenses, such as hotel and transportation; and another part, for leisure activities such as tours and souvenirs.


So, booking a hotel and plane for Puerto Vallarta in advance is a task that can help you find great prices or even offers.

Regarding hotel and plane prices and offers; They are very changing and depend on many factors. Among which we can find the dates, the number of people traveling, the chosen airline, the type of accommodation, if purchased in package or individually and more …

In the case of Friendly Vallarta hotel, we offer vacation packages so you don’t have to worry about food or how to return home.


It is more expensive to book separately, as users end up paying commissions or fees on each service we buy (especially on flights). When you buy both in one place you only pay a fee; In the case of Friendly it would only be the government tax. So, buying the hotel and plane together is the best option if you want to save on your trip.

On the other hand, the advantage of acquiring airline tickets separately to the hotel, is that you have greater options for flight schedules to choose from.


In this way to book Friendly Vallarta hotel, either with lodging and flight or only lodging, you just need to contact our reservations department. If you are still not sure of buying a hotel and plane, you can also travel to Puerto Vallarta by bus.

We hope this article has been helpful for you to find the best travel options on your next vacation to beautiful Puerto Vallarta

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