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Playa Caballo: A virgin oasis

The ideal place for contact with an emerald sea color and nature. It is surrounded by greenery so it is not a very busy place but if one is ideal for fun and romanticism.

It has a fairly calm swell which gives it the possibility of relaxation next to the sound of the sea.

Being an almost virgin destination there will not be many services, so it will be important to carry out everything necessary for a pleasant stay. Remember, always carry with you the trash it generates.

The magic of this place begins in Boca de Tomatlán, as there are no roads that arrive at this beautiful oasis, it will be necessary to choose between two options to reach

The water taxi is the most requested option, the regulars will know the way forward, so your trip will start with a visit across the sea where you can enjoy a wonderful view.

If you like long walks, taking the trails will be your best option. These will guide you to your destination in the enjoyment and discover a new experience when contemplating nature.

This is a destination that deserves a space in your vacation itinerary!

Photo: mx.visitacabocorrientes.com

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