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16 Dic

Yelapa: a paradise near Puerto Vallarta

Yelapa is one of the towns near Friendly Vallarta that you can visit to while visiting the port. Yelapa is a place without equal; It is a typical coastal town, where you can spend the day without any worry, either in the company of your friends, family or adventure alone.   View this post on […]

13 Oct

Ecofriendly activities in Friendly Vallarta

In Friendly Vallarta one of the activities that we like to do the most is environment caring; from everyday tasks, such as separating garbage and saving energy, to complete awareness programs about this, like releasing turtles are our ecofriendly activities. It is important for us to doing these ecofriendly activities, as this way we maintain […]

4 Ago

Recommendations to travel to Puerto Vallarta

Travel to Puerto Vallarta is one of the things that everyone should do at least once in their life. If your next vacation is in this beautiful city, we share our recommendations for your visit:   Holiday seasons Puerto Vallarta is known by having periods of the year where there are many visitors and others […]

27 Jul

Conchas Chinas Beach, a wonder to discover

Conchas Chinas is one of the most popular beaches for its beauty, cleanliness and accessibility. It has natural pools or "pilitas" where you can get...

20 Jul

The romantic zone of Puerto Vallarta, a place like no other

Romantic zone is one of the most popular and busy areas, and also known as Viejo Vallarta, because this area is where the first population settled.

17 Ago

Lounge Bar

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