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1 Jun

Puerto Vallarta: a foodie destination

. Your vacation at Friendly Vallarta is around the corner; you will spend excellent days relaxing on the beach and enjoying our restaurants… However, Puerto Vallarta has a lot to offer as a Foodie destination; experience that surely you do not want to miss. . One of the great advantages that Puerto Vallarta offers are […]

20 Abr

Cocktails to enjoy on your vacation at Friendly Vallarta

. Your vacation to Friendly Vallarta is getting closer; soon you will be sunbathing, taking pictures and swimming on the beach or the pool … And there is no vacation in Friendly Vallarta that is not complete without tropical cocktails. . We have several consumer centers, among which you can enjoy delicious cocktails in the […]

21 Dic

Restaurants of Friendly Vallarta

At Friendly Vallarta we have several restaurants for you, so you can enjoy a wide range of options during your days of relaxation on the beach.   You can find from the traditional tacos of stews, the exquisite buffet, international Asian food to dishes of Mexican specialty and, soon, signature dishes. Staying at an all-inclusive […]

17 Nov

The gastronomic variety in Puerto Vallarta: unique food

  Your vacation is approaching and you have already planned the things to do in Puerto Vallarta; a walk along the malecon, visit the best beaches and a tour of the region… But you still do not plan the best part; the food.   Puerto Vallarta is a multifaceted city, internationally recognized not only for […]

3 Ago

Gastronomy in Puerto Vallarta: Breakfast and Dining Places

  Puerto Vallarta offers an incredible amount of dining options, from the simplest to the most gourmet, always showing an excellent quality. For everything there is always a choice, and opportunities to try different specialties of international cuisine are latent in your next visit to the port. The elements that stand out from the typical […]

25 Nov

Chef Saori Sugimura

Saori Sugimura, specialized chef in Japanese food joined us last week during the first week of the International Gourmet Festival in Puerto Vallarta and we had the opportunity to talk with her about her experience in the festival, her career and other tastes. She was born in the state of Morelos and her specialty is Japanese […]

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