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13 Oct

Exciting activities for a weekend in Puerto Vallarta

Escape to Puerto Vallarta for a weekend, and make the most of your express trip by doing exciting activities. . Puerto Vallarta is a city full of tourist possibilities; Among which we can highlight the activities. Do not wait until you have a vacation. A weekend is enough to meet and want to come back […]

27 Sep

5 creative romantic activities to do in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the favorite destinations among people around the world; from which we want to highlight the couples, since there are many romantic creative activities to discover here. . In this beautiful port you will spend unique days in the company of your partner. Live the incredible combination of tropical mountains, beaches […]

30 Ago

Book your vacation, hotel and plane, Together or separately?

Hotel and plane for Puerto Vallarta. Find out if it is better to get these services together or separately; so you can determine the best price for your next vacation. . To have an incredible vacation it is important to establish expenses. Have a portion of your money set aside for the most important expenses, […]

10 Ago

Tips and recommendations to have a safe vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Having a safe vacation is one of the most important situations that many times we do not take into account to travel. . Do all these activities and visit all those sites you saw on the Internet, it will be an experience that you will surely remember for a long time; and everyone should remember […]

2 Ago

Recommendations to get the best price in hotels, thus travel saving money

. We agree that booking is one of the most important things to do in every trip. To travel to our favorite destinations we don’t have to spend too much money; Therefore, we share some tips for you to get the best price on hotels for your vacation. . Early Booking At this time (before […]

26 Jul

Packing your suitcase: Puerto Vallarta vacation travel tips

. Packing your suitcase for your vacation to Puerto Vallarta can be a little bit difficult task. Not knowing what you need and in what quantity; especially if it is the first time you travel to the city. . Do not worry, in this article we will guide you with the items you can bring […]

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