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27 Sep

Propose marriage in Puerto Vallarta: 7 amazing places to consider

Propose marriage in the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta is one of the most romantic experiences to live, since the port is a popular destination among couples from all over the world. . Time passes, and every day you are more convinced that you want to take the next big step with your partner; propose […]

15 Jun

Chapel on the seashore: An incredible place for your wedding

. After saying «yes», start the countdown for the big day. Finding the ideal place to celebrate in the company of your loved ones and friends is one of the most important things about your wedding. . A chapel on the seashore is a magical place where you can celebrate your religious and civil ceremony […]

16 Feb

Your wedding in Friendly Vallarta: the best experience in front of the sea

  Celebrating your wedding at the friendliest hotel in Puerto Vallarta is an opportunity to live an experience like no other. The ideal scenario to join your life with that special person deserves to be treasured in their memories for a lifetime. The beautiful beaches of Puerto Vallarta are among the favorite ones for many […]

1 Dic

Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta: A destination that will surprise you

After months of waiting and planning to make the perfect day, many days of stress and nights without sleep, this is the moment when the two of you are ready for the effort made and go to the Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta that both of you deserve. The honeymoon is a trip like a conventional […]

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